• Services - Overview

    We provide high quality low cost engineering, testing, audio and video localization services.

    We have teams of highly qualified software engineers with computer science degrees, specially trained in localization ready to work on your projects.

    When timing is everything - our unique office locations in Ireland and The Philippines mean we can provide an excellent round the clock service for those critical time sensitive projects.

    Did you know that The Philippines is a full working day ahead of Europe and the US?

    This time zone advantage enables small urgent projects sent late on a Friday to be completed and ready on Monday morning when you arrive at the office.

    Click on the tabs below or arrows for more specific details about the services we provide...

  • Services - Help systems

    We have a lot of experience compiling, functionally testing and bug fixing different types of Help Systems such as :
        Html CHM Help
        Web Helps
        Java Helps

    We use various help compilation tools such as :
        Microsoft Help Compiler
        Adobe Robohelp
        Madcap Flare
        Adobe Framemaker
        WebWorks ePublisher

    Our engineering team have developed custom validation tools to automate the process of checking common Help QA issues such as inconsistent TOC links with Page Titles and H1 headings, missing spaces between links, broken html entities, and much much more.

  • Services - Software compiling, testing, resizing and bug fixing

    We have a lot of experience compiling and testing software for localization.

    Many of our clients use Microsoft Visual Studio to compile applications, but we can use any IDE that is required. This saves time from a testing schedule as files do not need to be sent back and forth for re-compilation and testing.

    The need for client/developer involvement is reduced in the testing process as we control the engineering, testing, bugfixing and building for regression to the point of quality sign-off.

    We can customize our internal bug databases to your needs or access your bug databases, ensuring your release is of the highest quality. Each bug is reviewed to ensure consistency and correctness across all languages, this also ensures cross-language verification and reduces duplication.

    We can also resize and validate dialogs using Microsoft Developer Studio, Alchemy Catalyst, SDL Passolo and other tools. We recommend this is performed before testing begins as it will also save a lot of time from the testing schedule.

  • Services - E-Learning

    E-Learning localization projects tend to take a long time to localize due to the richness and format of the content - text, animation, graphics, audio and video.

    These projects can be created with a number of different applications such as Adobe Flash, Adobe Captivate, Articulate Studio\Storyline, and Lectora which we have a lot of experience with. We can also work with any other applications required.

    Since we have the skills required to localize all the different types of content our teams can test and bug fix the entire project ensuring the localized project is functionally correct. Therefore your linguistic reviewers only need to report language changes thus saving precious time reporting non-linguistic functional issues.

  • Services - Graphics & Screen Shooting

    We are capable of localizing all graphic formats, with multiple layers.
    We use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and other graphic tools.

    For screen shooting we use Hypersnap.
    We always advise proper guidelines should be communicated and agreed before starting to avoid touch ups or re-takes later.
    These should include screen size resolution, application dialog size, dpi, graphic format, etc.,

  • Services - Movies & Subtitles

    More frequently we are been asked to localize videos and this has become one of the main services we provide.

    We have very powerful machines that can render videos quickly and efficiently, enabling more time for testing and editing. We use Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Flash.

    We also offer a subtitling service where we can embed subtitles into the movie or externally using a subtitle srt file. We can also create subtitles if none exist by transcribing the English movies.

  • Services - Audio Post Production

    If you have a lot of audio recorded but don't have time to perform the post production and clean-up then we can help you out. We provide audio post production services consisting of:

         pips, pops, clicks, breath removal (manually removed for better results)
         region and marker editing
         splitting and converting

    We use Sony SoundForge and Adobe Audition but can use other tools if required.