• About The Localizer

    The Localizer was set up in 2009 with a vision to become a localization partner that can be trusted as one of your own teams.

    As the Engineering Manager from a leading Localization Service Provide (LSP) in Dublin Ireland, our CEO realised there was a need for such a company because he was regularly disappointed by the poor quality and poor communication from existing companies.

    He set upon the task to create his own. One that he could personally train and trust to become a virtual team and an extension to his own team, and so The Localizer was born.

    The production office was set up in Manila Philippines. The best candidates were selected from the local universities and were personally trained in localization by our founder.

    The Localizer has lived up to his vision and became a trusted extension to his team.
    And now they can become an extension to your team too.
    Just send an email with your requests to

    For more information about our founder click on the CEO tab below.

  • Anthony Fitzgerald

    CEO and Founder of The Localizer

    Anthony worked for a leading multi-language localisation service provider for 6 years. He was manager of three production depts: Audio dept consisting of two sound studios, Localization Engineering dept, and the Computer Aided Translation (CAT) dept. He was heavily involved in localisation tools research and development, training, technical project management and outsourcing strategy.

    Previously Anthony worked for Vivendi Universal Games (now Activison Blizzard), a leading games publisher, as a multimedia engineer and localization team lead on many AAA titles for 9 years. During this time Anthony also worked directly with game developers as a localization consultant and spent time on-site with the developers during the localization planning process and helped with internationalization issues. He worked on many diverse titles: edutainment children games such as the Knowledge Adventure Reading and Maths titles, RPG and MMORPG games such as Diablo and World of Warcraft, and FPS games such as Half Life, Counter Strike and F.E.A.R. Anthony holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Dublin City University.